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ALM Environmental has has been approved by the State of California as a registered contractor for asbestos abatement.

CSLB license #991158 | DOSH #1122

By Appt.

Mon. - Fri.

1225 Barstow Ave

Clovis, CA 93612

(559) 288 – 0377

We are a world class asbestos abatement team

ALM Environmental has decades of experience keeping your community safe.

Professional Abatement

Our team of experts goes to great lengths to clean up the contaminated area effectively and quickly for you.

Contamination Refurbishment

Not only do we remove any asbestos, but we also restore the contaminated areas and leave the location looking better than when we arrived.

What we Offer

At ALM Environmental our business takes the process of Toxic Material Abatement very seriously and are approved by the State of California for that very purpose.

These toxins take many shapes and forms from pipes and containers to the tile, roofing, and walls that protect you from the elements. Our Abatement process is capable of removing or otherwise neutralizing Asbestos, Lead, & Mold in all of those different application environments.

ALM Environmental’s Mission

For over 20 years ALM Environmental Has been serving the people and businesses of Fresno County. Dedicated to keeping the community safe, ALM specializes in removing and pacifying dangerous and harmful building materials and mold. A healthy workforce is a productive and happy workforce, so if you see any Mold, Lead or Asbestos in your home or business contact us right away!

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CSLB License #991158
DOSH #1122

"ALM Environmental is proud to serve our community and keep the people of the Central Valley healthy."

(Quote From Owner), Owner / CEO

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